Campfire Nostalgia: A Collection of Stories

"Hello, AC here."

It goes without saying, we love camping. For the last two years, our summers were spent wandering through the woods of Northern Wisconsin and swimming the shores of Upper Michigan. We've become quite skilled at pitching tents, cooking over a campfire and roasting marshmallows. Naturally, when we decided to dive into this adventure, camping was the way of life we would pursue.

Everyone loves camping, right? We'll, most people we know love to camp. And in any case, everyone has a story about an outdoor adventure. And because I absolutely love a good story, I am all ears when someone starts telling me a tale from a camp adventure, past or present.

This adventure of ours is all about new stories, seeing them, walking them, and writing them here, so what better way to experience more camping stories than to talk to our friends. Everyone has a story. A moment on a strenuous hike, laughter around the campfire, silence under the stars. We want to hear these stories. And this is where they will be told.

So while we're away, I'll be curating and posting Campfire Nostalgia: a collection of stories, written by our favorite outdoor enthusiasts and fostered by a shared passion for camping adventures. Some will be playful and animated, others moving and inspiring, undoubtedly, they'll all provoke nostalgia of the great American tradition that is camping.

Stay tuned. The first story debuts Wednesday.

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